Brescia, 17th March 1986, Roberto Ricetti brand was born.

The project that Roberto Ricetti dreamed, starts taking shape: create a brand in the male fashion world that reflects his own vision of the well dressing; a simple, refined dressing without excesses but with a visible quality that can be perceived since the first sight.

In the rooms of the Atelier of Brescia the first custom-made and handmade shirts, boxer shorts and pyjamas begin to be cut and sewed.

The choice of fabrics of exemplary quality, the details, the finishing and the particular style of Roberto Ricetti products are immediately so appreciated that it is necessary to expand the workshop after only two years from the birth, a place where able employees can express their abilities at their best.

In these years there have been the first contacts from illustrious brands that appreciate the work with great satisfaction and ask both for stylistic and manufacturing cooperation.

Among the most important cooperation there are luxury brands such as Sulka, Louis Vuitton, Zilli, Burini, Zegna, Ricci, Corneliani, Loro Piana, Caruso, where the pleasure of working together finds its best expression and the comparison gives space to new shapes and details.

In this way two experiences melt together: the production of its own brand Roberto Ricetti and the continuous cooperation with style departments of big and illustrious brands.

The years go by but nothing changes… the quality, the research, the dedication and the passion remain the “Mission” of the brand that satisfies the most sophisticated customers through its own employees.

Today the production line “Roberto Ricetti” is sold in many countries in the world and in prestigious shops where the custom-made shirts are worn by important customers that are the pride of the well-doing of Roberto Ricetti.

Heart and soul: this is the way Roberto Ricetti likes.



our philosophy


“Refinement but ease and passion for high quality”, this is the philosophy claimed by Roberto Ricetti’s brand.

Hand-made crafts, chaste and well measured models, created with the finest italian textile fabrics, taking care of any details, well done articles that convey elegance.

The world of Roberto Ricetti refuses ostentation, because his models refer to whom really care about themselves choosing high quality products rich in sense and content.



All products by Roberto Ricetti are handcrafted using the finest Italian fabrics and with great attention to details. These rigorous production aspects, together with the aesthetic simple, clean and refined, have enabled the brand to establish itself in the sector of shirts, sleepwear and intimate as a reference point for those who like the elegance without excess, for those who intend to take care of themselves and don’t looking for ostentation or excess.




The historical production of Roberto Ricetti, that since 1986 has been revisited every season without losing its original allure. Because all forms of art can not exist without the permanent condition of reconsider their views

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Cotton, linen, cotton mixed with cashmere, and silk. Fine fabrics from which to be pampered when the sun sets. The elegance and sophistication of Roberto Ricetti’s style is also declined in collections dedicated to the woman.

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Exclusive models, refined and harmonious for those who like to wear quality garments at any time of the day.
Dressing gowns from natural materials, made paying attention to the smallest details.

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Stripes and checks, fantasies from perfect geometries. Quality fabrics that are transformed into a unique and original item.
Refinement and elegance combined in simplicity and comfort of the “form”.

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